Raí Biason ToffolettoI was born in a small town in the country side of São Paulo, Brazil. When growing up, I always had contact to all sorts of music that my family were used to listen: from Beatles, Édith Piaf, Bossa Nova, Samba to Bach and Vivaldi. That led me, as teenager, to start learning music and discover the classical music world.

In my hometown, I've learned to play the piano and later moved to Campinas to continue my musical studies at the University, where I got interest in the "Early Music" repertoire and its practice. This passion for music made three or four hundred years ago and my obsession with history and old things ( books, suitcases, cameras and clocks) made me, after the graduation, dedicate myself to early keyboard instruments.

HomeSince then, I've been in Europe to complete my studies, achieved in 2015 when I got my second degree from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, and also to live different cultures and discover the places where this kind of music was made. In this way, improving my performances and allowing the audience to have a little trip back in time to this wonderful world that is Renaissance and Baroque music.


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