Raí B. Toffoletto


Myself “Who is this guy” you may be wondering… that can be a very difficult question, but let’s try keep it simple: I’m Raí ! My parents never could explain me the meaning of my name, it was supposed to have some tupi-guarani origin of some kind (but they actually chose it because a footballer). However, the easiest interpretation is: it’s just a portuguese version of the english “Ray”. No, it’s not the short version of “Raimundo” (Raymond), it is just Raí… So you see!? Very simple and, at the same time, somehow complicate. That indeed reflects my personality, I try to be a very simple person but deep down I’m quite complex. 😎

I grew up in São Carlos (São Paulo state/Brazil) and since I left my parents house I’ve lived in Campinas, São Paulo, Porto (PT), The Hague (NL) and Brussels (BE). Along the way, I’ve learned to speak English, Italian, Spanish and French; I also collected two bachelors and a masters degree in Classical/Early Music and made many friends during this journey (some I can proudly consider my family). More recently, my professional interests gravitate towards technology and programming.

Old-Technologies I tend to have a multitude of interests: like photography (mobile, digital, analogue), videography, games, vinyls, mechanical watches/clocks, fountain pens, languages and many more… being technology and music the main ones. Since the mid 90’s I had, started and abandoned several online creative projects, like websites, blogs, youtube channels… some of it is still around, some you can find only by time traveling. Although I’m not that active in social media, it is easy to get in touch with me through the links in this page. 😉